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Spring 2026

2024 Features and seminars

Healthy Materials for Human Wellbeing by MaterialDriven

We are more and more aware of the impact that materials are having on our environment, taking care to understand key parameters such as the carbon footprint, recyclability, and embodied energy before these are selected and specified for projects. But if we look even further, we should also strive to improve the impact that these materials have on human health and wellbeing. 

PROJECT WALL selected by world-architects.com


For the fifth time, World-Architects is showcasing a curated project exhibition at ARCHITECT@WORK. The exhibition highlights a total of 40 works by platform members from around the world, with a special emphasis on lightweight construction and the principles of simplicity in building. Interviews on circular construction further enhance and complement the exhibition.


The Official College of Architects of Madrid presents in ARCHITECT@WORK Madrid 2024 an exhibition made up of architectural elements that have been designed for specific works and that intervene in a decisive way in the relationship of the building with its surroundings and with the uses it deploys inside.



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