IFEMA Madrid, 29 - 30 May 2019

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La materia sin luz es invisible.
La luz sin materia es intangible.

Light<>Made es una exposición sobre las complejas interacciones entre luz, materia y espacio. Cuenta con nuevos materiales que permiten nuevas formas de percibir la forma, la textura, el color, la transparencia y el contenido para generar nuevas oportunidades en la expresión arquitectónica.

ART by Luisa Álvarez

Luisa Alvarez presents two art works, Maraña and Habitando.
'Maraña' is Spanish for mess, confusion, chaos. ‘Habitando’ was created years ago in a ‘Guerrilla Lighting’ where Luisa Álvarez borrowed an abandoned house for a couple of hours, using its rooms among other elements that came across, turning the forgotten place into an inhabited one by the use of light.

PROJECT WALL by world-architects.com

Project wall by world-architects.com This touring exhibition is a selection of projects from world-architects members internationally. The selection‘s programmatic and formal differences represent a diversified cross-section of the architects‘ more recent work, while also bringing young emerging offices and established names together in an attempt to depict the current image of the industry.


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