IFEMA Madrid

30 November & 1 December 2022

2021 Features and seminars

Materials curation Pure Oxygen by MaterialDriven

The breathable air we enjoy today originated from tiny oxygen-producing organisms billions of years ago. Oxygen is colourless, odourless, tasteless and yet is essential to life on earth. Air is made up of a mixture of several gases present in the atmosphere and oxygen is termed as one of its essential components. Ideally, the air in the atmosphere contains the proper amount of oxygen for safe breathing. But at times, the level of oxygen can drop due to other toxic gases reacting with it, causing an imbalance that is harmful to all ecosystems on the planet.

PROJECT WALL by world-architects.com

Project wall by world-architects.com This touring exhibition is a selection of projects from world-architects members internationally. The selection‘s programmatic and formal differences represent a diversified cross-section of the architects‘ more recent work, while also bringing young emerging offices and established names together in an attempt to depict the current image of the industry.

Multiplicity in the city by COAM

The COAM, the Official College of Architects of Madrid, has created an exhibition dedicated to projects by 20th century architects who have enhanced the value of different urban spaces in Madrid.

Images by DAPh

Brilliant idea? An interdisciplinary project or a new book? DAPh is short for Dutch Architectural Photographers and represented by nine specialists in visual communication with a focus on building and architecture.


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