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Begoña de Abajo Castrillo y Carlos García Fernández – deAbajoGarcia

is a large roof built with a laminated timber structure. Its components were industrialized and assembled on site, replacing a former market demolished after a fire. The roof, together with four boxes that arise from the ground, is the necessary infrastructure that allows many events to happen, both spontaneous and programmed under the same ceiling.

The squared plan of the Community Center is organized by the strategic location of the mentioned boxes and a courtyard that polarized the interior space. The courtyard is decentered to generate different scale spaces in the ground level. Also, its floor is lowered and moved in relation with the glass enclosure generating outside shaded sitting areas for the summer time and an inside adjacent bench that receives the direct sunlight through the windows during the winter.

The ground floor is in continuity with the site level on the South, extending the public space towards the inside and connecting visually the whole building with the street. In addition, the strategy used in section allows the introduction of a mezzanine that hung from the main structure and offers higher privacy spaces. Its location in the perimeter creates a lineal layout for the plan with a more individual scale, taking advantage of the natural light, filtered by the wooden lattice that surrounds the building.

The variety of particular situations, in and by the courtyard, around the space or in front of the building, generates a great flexibility of use without loosing the specificity of the different scenarios.

RAW/deAbajoGarcia is an architecture office founded by Carlos García Fernández (1982, Asturias) and Begoña de Abajo Castrillo (1986, León) in New York in 2013 and they are currently based in Madrid.

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