IFEMA Madrid, 29 - 30 May 2019

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ART by William Sweetlove

William Sweetlove, world-renowned Belgian artist, has been using his unique artworks to challenge people to become environmental thinkers and behavioural ecologists for close to 50 years, through more than 600 exhibitions worldwide.

Sweetlove describes his work as “cautionary” – conceptual interpretations of the consequences of man’s environmental choices.

“A world without plastic is no longer possible,” explains Sweetlove. “The problem isn’t plastic itself, but the fact that people burn it and throw it into the sea.”

Sweetlove’s sculptures – made from recycled plastic from landfills, or recycled bronze and aluminium - are a whimsical representation of fantasy and fact. The exuberance of his sculptures transforms ordinary animals and objects into iconic figures. At first encounter, the red, green and yellow artworks look like supersized toys, but they disrupt our childhood associations by the introduction of incongruous additions such as boots, backpacks and water bottles. These suggest survival measures; and rather than amuse, they elicit concern.

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